17 January 2011

How to Chant the Name of Amitabha

The virtuous actions and felicitous cooperating cause are the true or direct cause of good roots of Bodhi. Just like the sutras say, “If not starting the mind or vow of Bodhi of omniscience of Buddha, although we have been doing the six paramitas (1, charity, or giving, including the bestowing of the truth on others, 2, Keeping the commandments, 3, patience under insult, 4, zeal and progress, 5, meditation or contemplation, and 6, wisdom, the power to discern reality or truth), even for numberless years, we still cannot become Buddha.”

The root of numberless virtues is the Cause, it needs all kind of blessed virtues (all good deeds) to build the Bodhi, BUILDING wisdom with virtues, seeking for virtues and wisdom, completing the theory with practice (reaching noumenon through phenomenon), all these auxiliary actions are the felicitous cooperating cause, therefore, there are all kind of Causes and the felicitous cooperating causes.

According to the sutra, there are three kind of virtues: {first, filial and obedient to parents, to carry out orders from teachers or elderly people, do not take lives (kill the livings, or any conscious being) because of a compassionate heart, and cultivate the excellent karma resulting from practice of the ten commandments; second, to take three formulas refuge, or three surrenders (the three formulas are Buddham, Dharmam, and Sangham, the surrender is to the Buddha as teacher, the Law as medicined, the Sangha as friends), complete whole rules, do not offend against the respect-inspiring deportment, and third, start out the mind of Bodha, deep faith of Cause and effect (every cause has its effect, as every effect arises from a cause), read Mahayana sutras, and exhort others}.

When contemplating Buddha, control our mind with chanting the name of Buddha. The spiritual or true body (universal body of Buddha) of Amitabha is all over the place, the sound of the mind come out of the mouth, the sound of the mind then get into the light of Buddha, when the light of Buddha get into sound of mind, the sound and light blend together, then Amitabha and us become ONE. The doctrine of chanting Buddha is called “A samadhi for realizing that the nature of all Buddhas is the same”, but we have to chant it, otherwise become scattered also we are building karmas. Therefore we have to learn to chant Amitabha with controlling mind, controlling our thought our mind anytime anywhere. Moreover, contemplate Buddha with setting the heart (all kind of thoughts) at rest, such as dirty and polluted thoughts, greedy thoughts, hateful thoughts, infatuated thoughts, worried thoughts, suffering thoughts, haughty thoughts, impudent thoughts, envious thoughts, indecent thoughts, heterodox thoughts, dreary thoughts, and hollow thoughts, all of these thoughts should be destroyed.

There are four kinds of contemplating Buddha, Relying on the name of Buddha, Contemplating Buddha in the mind and repeat his name, Contemplating the image of Buddha and repeat his name, and Meditating on Reality and repeat his name, but the Relying on the name of Buddha is the best for tallying the opportune teaching.

The relying on the name of Buddha is not just chanting the Amitabha with our mouth, but we have to remember Amitabha with our mind, fix the thought on the name of Amitabha anytime and anywhere, this is called "Relying the name of Buddha".

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